Preferred Resources

Branding and Design

Preferred Resources, Inc is an IT recruiting and staffing firm in St. Louis that needed a marketing partner to implement a new brand and design and develop a website that better represented the firm.

Branding And Design

Branding a company is always an exciting process, but even more so when it’s been 25 years in the making. The Preferred Resources brand development began with an exploration into who the company was, what they’ve been, who they are and what they want to be. We dove deep into their process, relationships with clients and the kind of values the company held so that we could reflect these in the new logo we created. Since the company catered not only to their clients but to the candidates they helped place, we blended these into a new logo using trustworthy colors and modern font and mark that expressed tech and excitement.

We completed the new logo and website just in time for their 25th-anniversary party where it was unveiled, as well as updates to the office to showcase their fresh brand. The website now is a central hub for clients to learn more about the company and for candidates to find available jobs – all with multiple calls to action and friendly imagery to match how Preferred Resources approaches their work.