Fox Architects – Design and Development

Winner of numerous AIA awards, Fox Architects provides architectural services to companies like Monsanto, RGA and Emerson.

Design and Development

Task – Website Design and Development

After working with Fox Architects for five years, we were excited to bring a new fresh look to their website. For many years we had managed an existing Flash website, but as technology changed, so did the need for something more flexible and expandable to be built on the WordPress platform.

Fox loved the new look of their printed marketing materials, which set a tone for our approach. The site needed to be functional inside of WordPress while still maintaining the look and feel that defined their brand. We styled the homepage to be an open focus on their work in black and white, which provided the perfect amount of contrast for the dramatic images of the spaces they create. Their results section also has a unique iterative walkthrough of client success stories.

As with every architecture firm, the portfolio is the primary place to show off the diverse interior and exterior spaces that have made them successful. This was built to be just as unique as the rest of the site with a focus on the imagery and roll-out section for sorting projects by category.

We continue to work with Fox Architects to build and expand their site within the WordPress framework. Even after three years, their site is clean, modern and streamlined.
They did a great job.  It’s not easy working for a group of Architects.  This may be hard to believe, but we have a tendency to change our minds. – John Berendzen, Fox Architects