St. Louis Website Design

Pharmacogenomics WUSTL

Washington University of St. Louis’ website for their Center for Pharmacogenomics has a new clean look, sporting bright bursts of color, and provides info on the center’s many types of genomic research from breast cancer to dermatology.

Pharmacogenomics WUSTL Website

While our awesome development team took the simple and beautiful designs created by former Matchboxer, Amanda, and made them function, I had the privilege of creating a new homepage graphic for a London dermatologist.  One of the greatest challenges was trying to match the mood of the rest of the site, while still remaining truthful to the science behind our DNA and the research Pharmacogenomics does to help discover the secrets of the genome. A few versions later though, I had managed to pull off a successful blend of the two and sent it over to development, so they could make it interactive.

With a few more tweaks and a pinch of developmental magic, the site was ready for launch! You can check out the new site at.