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Providing Technical Repair Services Since 1995.

Technology Solutions Inc. is a one-source technology repair solution for B2B companies across the globe. They work with federal agencies, prime contractors, fortune 1000, and mid-size companies to bring them a personalized repair service. It’s kind of a cliche, but basically, they’re big enough to handle the volume but small enough to get a real person on the phone. 

They came to us in need of a new website with an updated design and improved messaging. Their repair service was unique in comparison to their competitors due to their high level of customer service and ability to cater to various devices from different manufacturers. One thing that immediately became apparent to us after meeting them was their passion for service. They didn’t just talk the talk, they walked the walk. All we had to do was create a website that properly conveyed that message.

Colors & Typography

The palette for TSI stemmed from the repeating lines of the chosen branding, focused on a progression from Teal to Tan in a gradual gradient. A bright, but not overbearing orange was chosen as an accent color to give the palette some visual pop, while also serving as a visual indicator for interaction points. Type that was equally bold and accessible was chosen to compliment the palette.

Brand Colors

Hex: #131b2d
Hex: #2f445c
Hex: #7acdbd
Hex: #f1693e
Technology Solutions Inc. retail industry page screenshot

Site Structure + Visual Elements

Our first task was to re-create their site structure by organizing their existing pages and outlining new content opportunities. Some of this new content included landing pages for their products, the industries they service and case studies. We advised them on how to display this content by providing them with design options for new visual site elements such as image blocks, iconography and pattern usage.

Technology Solutions Inc. photography process.


One of the biggest challenges they faced was lack of transparency. They claimed to be a people-centric company yet they had no photos of their staff anywhere on their existing site. We helped them create this desired transparency on their new site by providing headshots for their team page and B roll photos of their tech’s hard at work. This small improvement spoke volumes about who they are as a company and helped to set them apart from their competitors.

Technology Solutions Inc. homepage screenshot


Another major challenge they faced was the tone of their messaging or more so the lack thereof. Due to the technical nature of the service they offer, their messaging often came off very dry and hard to understand. Our goal was add some life to their copy and make sure it was readable by the average user. We also wanted to make sure that their passion for service was communicated effectively throughout their site.

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