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Creation of the Green Diamond Bags iPad App

Matchbox was given the task of creating brand awareness for Green Diamond Bags™ at the International Franchise Association Annual Convention held at the Mirage Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas February 13th-16th. We not only had to introduce the brand to the market but we also had to provide the research and data behind why Green Diamond Bags™ is THE PERFECT reusable bag. Continue reading to see our strategy, process and a video on how it all came together.

If you have an upcoming trade show, need an interactive sales tool or just want a unique way to showcase your company an iPad app is a great way to create engagement. We can develop for these purposes and many others – give us a call or use the contact form on our site and tell us about your project!

Creation of the Green Diamond Bags iPad App


The Challenge:

Over 100 billion plastic bags end up in landfills every year. These bags can come in many forms and substrates but they all have one thing in common: they don’t get washed. According to a joint food safety research report issued by researchers at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, reusable grocery bags can serve as a breeding ground for dangerous foodborne bacteria and pose a serious risk to public health.



The Solution:

Green Diamond Bags™ wished to create a reusable shopping bag that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the treated surface of the article. Green Diamond Bags™ delivers a product that meets the criteria for the perfect reusable bag.


Green Diamond Bags™ with AP-360® solves the problem by treating the surface of the bag with the antimicrobial properties of Chitosan. This unique antibacterial technology helps to prevent the spread of germs inside the bag so it can be reused many times safely and conveniently. So, Green Diamond Bags™ are not only reusable, but they fight germs, too.



The Strategy:

To represent how Green Diamond Bags™ is on top of its game in R&D we decided to introduce another product that’s also on top of its game: the Apple iPad. New Media has been proven to be much more engaging to consumers, and since interaction is imperative at a trade show; the iPad was the best solution to drive traffic to the Green Diamond Bags™ booth.

We developed a custom iPad application to showcase Green Diamond Bags™ at the convention. Visitors were drawn to the Green Diamond Bags™ booth due to the opportunity to interact with the iPad’s. Visitors became fully immersed in the experiences by viewing the interactive and educational Green Diamond Bags™ material, as they were given the opportunity to speak to a Green Diamond Bags™ representative on the spot and given the opportunity to complete a contact form.



The Green Diamond Bags™ iPad Application:

Quick Overview walks visitors through a quick overview of the innovative technology behind the Green Diamond Bags™

Our Products displays the range of Green Diamond Bags™ products available and highlights fabrics and colors available and includes product codes for visitors reference.

The Research provides a QR code and various PDF reports for additional research about Green Diamond Bags™ and AP-360®.

Simple Contact provides a simple contact form for people to fill out who are interested in more information

Screen Saver
featuring a video loop of the brand logo when the application is not in use.

Exit Presentation leads to the screen saver.

Go Online leads to the AP-360 (www.ap360.net) microsite, respectively. The button appears when there is a Wi-Fi connection available.



The Navigation:

User-friendly Navigation allows for an intuitive UI. Users can jump to various sections of the presentation quickly, and upon returning to a section previously viewed, the application automatically returns to the last slide viewed in that section.



The Flow:

Short, sweet and to the point

We adapted to the inherent nature of the iPad and decided to break up the Green Diamond Bags™ copy into separate slides. This allows us to lead with a strong statement and then back up that statement with data on the following slide. For further impact, we utilize icons as an integral part of the application to quickly convey key points about Green Diamond Bags™


The Typography:

Helvetica was chosen for its’ clarity and legibility. Short, impactful messages are used to inform visitors of the challenges of the reusable bag market and the benefits of using Green Diamond Bags™. Minimal typography reinforces the clean, anti-bacterial aspect of the product line.



The Colors:

Shades of lime green and purple connote artistic and innovative qualities.



The Artwork:

Illustrations are used to reinforce the content on each slide as well as to explain the complex technology behind Green Diamond Bags™. Click the image below to view the custom illustrations we created for the presentation.



The Products:

Green Diamond Bags™ are currently the only antimicrobial bags on the market treated with AP-360®. As such, no other antimicrobial bags have proven to be similarly eco-friendly, odor preventing, durable, cost-efficient, hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use.

They are made available for direct or private label purchase in a variety of styles and textiles ranging from non-woven polypropylene and recyclable PET to corn and cotton canvas. All bags, private label or not, display a public education campaign. Educating the consumer directly on each bag is the best way to remind people of the steps to keep the bags clean while keeping consumers healthy and safe.

green-diamond Bags iPad Application Contact Form

Lead Retrieval:

The contact form was built for the possibility of losing internet connectivity so it can retrieve and retain many submissions and when a connection became available – a passcode could be entered into a field to pass all the submissions to the online database.

Finished Product:

Check out the video above to see the Green Diamond Bags iPad app in motion.

Green Diamond Bags™

Green Diamond Bags, created by Stars Design Group, is anti-bacterial, reusable, sustainable and recyclable bags treated with AP-360™. The bags are Triclosan-Free and can be made of non-woven recyclable polypropylene and recycled PET, woven canvas, hemp or jute. Green Diamond Bags ™ offers the highest quality in bags from grocery bags and lunch sacks to gym bags and backpacks. Options range from opening price points to completely customized fashion designs for private label or the Green Diamond Label. For more information, visit www.greendiamondbag.com.

Stars Design Group

Headquartered in St. Louis, Stars Design Group began in 1993 as a response to the retail and wholesale industries’ desire for high-quality, ethically responsible, manufactured garments. Stars’ international factories specialize in a diverse array of global apparel, accessories and housewares supporting “lifestyle” brands and retail operations.

Additionally, Stars is the exclusive U.S. supplier of the AP-360™ brand, an eco-friendly and sustainable antimicrobial product that controls harmful odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.

Outside of 12 regional sales forces in the U.S., Stars operates locations in India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Ethiopia. In addition to a strong dedication for providing the highest quality products, Stars is also committed to alleviating poverty. The company makes great strides to do so through Project Eden, Stars’ corporate mission to help refugees and ultimately build and maintain a sustainable orphanage in Ethiopia.

For more information about Stars Design Group, AP-360™ or Project Eden, please visit www.starsdesigngroup.com or call (866) 279-9731.

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