Empire Furniture Rental – Web Development

Web Development Case Study

Empire Furniture Rental provides high quality, cost-effective furniture rental to the greater St. Louis area and they needed us for our web development experience. Take a look at this Web Development case study.

We worked closely with the Empire team for their new web development that helped streamline their reservation process and grow their business.

Web Development Case Study With WordPress And WooCommerce

Using WordPress and WooCommerce, Matchbox Design Group built a solution that functioned like an e-commerce website but didn’t have the traditional checkout process. It was more of an online reservation request. This brought several challenges that we had to face when building the solution; a minimum price was required to complete a reservation, rates needed to change based on length of rental and the ability to customize rental packages.

With a focus on user experience, our design and web development teams created a flow through the site that made it easy for potential customers to select their rental terms and customize their packages. Empire Furniture Rental continues to expand their product selection and provide the best furniture rental solutions in St. Louis.