Superior Waterproofing

Logo Design - Branding and Website Design

Superior Waterproofing and Restoration has been providing concrete and masonry restoration to St. Louis landmarks for over 30 years. They needed a Logo Design to help update their website.

Logo Design for Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Co, Inc. by Matchbox Design Group

Logo Design To Website Update

With such a long-standing history of serving the St. Louis area, Matchbox Design Group was proud to bring a new face to the web presence of Superior Waterproofing and Restoration. Work began with modifying the logo design down to just the typeface which gave us a slimmer margin to work with for a header.  Our next step was to address all of the key areas of the site by making sure they facilitated all the information about the previous site but also take a new approach to deliver this information.

A two column approach was used to make all of the blog areas distinct and easily readable. A grid format was used to lay out the individual services as well as the portfolio section. The 2 columns were also used in the subpages of each section.

Throughout the site, there are many advanced CSS features that were used for style and speed of loading. These included the slanted menus and full-screen backgrounds. Finally, the entire site was built to be responsive, meaning that it will appear differently on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones while still retaining the visual integrity of the full desktop site.

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