Website Design and Logo Development

When we began the project with the Center for Pharmacogenomics, part of Washington University’s School of Medicine in St. Louis, we had a lot to learn about what Pharmacogenomics was. We were lucky enough to do a website design and logo design project.

Shortly into the discovery process, we realized we were working for the people on the front lines of genetic research. Conveying and cataloging their expertise for public display and to woo potential new researchers was no easy task, but the subject matter was fascinating.

Website Design and Logo Design For The Center For Pharmacogenomics

The design of the site we created drew influence from the genome, genetic markers and the double helix. We used colors that were bright and definitive to help identify the various segments of the research being done. Each “lab” was associated with a color and provided further information on discoveries, image galleries and staff bios. Contact forms were developed for candidates to get in touch with the facility.

Since the types of research being conducted were very technical and performed generally by people with many years of experience, we developed a homepage feature to give insight into the process. A tree-like diagram with interactive elements helped the user discover incredible research findings in a fun, exploratory way.

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