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Moments & Time provides a unique service to grieving families during one of their toughest times.

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Moments & Time

Timekeeper is a product by Moments & Time that allows families to produce a memory book of a loved one who has past. Working directly with a funeral home, the family will use Timekeeper to build this custom book through a web interface. Adding photos, poems, news clippings, quips and the registry from the funeral, families can create a book that truly reflects their loved ones.

Matchbox designed the UI and developed the web app from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies. Unlike similar products that were built in Flash, Timekeeper was built in PHP and Javascript. This allows it to work across all devices. The user had custom features available, such as choosing a theme which consisted of font styles, colors and border patterns. Users were also able to use drag-and-drop methods for adding images and content to pages of the memory book. Once the book was complete, a PDF was generated that could be used for the final print.

In addition to the client side of the web app, Timekeeper needed to be built for scale. Moments & Time sold package plans for the application to the funeral homes and needed an administrative panel where they could add new funeral homes and monitor the use of the software. This admin panel also had the ability to run custom reports for each funeral home, export those reports to a CSV file and print them as a PDF.

From the ground up, Matchbox provided solutions for every part in the process. From strategy to end-user customer service, our team partnered with Moments & Time to make Timekeeper a success. Take a look at the rest of our work case studies and get an idea of what we can do.