Washington University in St. Louis – Project GUIA -Branding

Project GUIA examines and promotes evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity in Brazil & Latin America. This is a Guia Branding Case Study.

GUIA Branding case study

Task – Guia Branding

Our first project with COPPR (Center for Obesity Policy and Prevention Research) at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University led to a referral to Dr. Ross Brownson. Dr. Brownson is a leading expert in chronic disease prevention and a very inspiring person to work with. He helped start Project GUIA (Guide for Useful Interventions for Physical Activity in Brazil and Latin America) to promote physical activity and prevent obesity. We were given the opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of this project through the creation of a brand and the development of a new website.

Our brand exploration began with learning about the organization, constituents, and mission. This information helped us create a logo that was colorful, bold and energetic. After our logo process was finished and because of the interactions the team had across 2 continents, we ’re tasked with creating a multilingual website. English content in the form of documents, blog articles, and general page content was all translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

In 2013, the site was converted to the HTML site it was originally coded into a WordPress site for easier on-going management. While the program and grant funding has ended, the website still exists to promote the message of Project GUIA.