Green Diamond Bags

Antimicrobial, antibacterial, lead-free, triclosan-free, reusable and sustainable. That’s a mouthful.

However, all of that adds up to be the ingredients for the perfect reusable bag. With a growing popularity among eco-conscious and budget-conscious consumers, a bag that also stays clean would mean big things.

Event Marketing

Taking this product to market in a big way meant showing it off so that people could engage with it. As the launch of the first iPad occurred months earlier, our first inclination was to use this new tech gadget to get prospective buyers interested a massive trade show in Las Vegas. We developed a multipurpose app to draw attention, create engagement and develop leads. Three iPads were lined up each with a 3-D rendered screensaver of the logo, which rotated on loop to catch people’s eye on the tradeshow floor.

Once a user picked up the device, the app menu appeared with multiple points of interaction for the user. With a consideration that Internet service isn’t always great at a tradeshow, we developed the lead capture system to store locally on the device and when a connection was available, send and merge to their website’s contact form database.

Since Matchbox Design Group is a full-service marketing agency, we love doing projects that aren’t just building a website. Don’t get us wrong building websites is our first love and what we focus on the most. However, when we are presented with a different type of marketing project we jump at the opportunity. We have done everything from tradeshows, print marketing campaigns, email campaigns and more. Two other areas we really focus on are SEO and SEM, which we like to do for websites that we have built for our clients. There isn’t a project that we are afraid to tackle.

You can read more details about the Green Diamond Bags Project in our blog.