Cat’s Meow

When Matchbox Design Group were first introduced to the Cat’s Meow, we knew there was a great opportunity to help expand their business by adding a personalization web design. This would help them to expand beyond a physical store location by making all of their products available online in an e-commerce personalization web design.

Personalization Web Design

Cat’s Meow specializes in personalized gifts. One of the main challenges we faced with personalizations is the endless options for character entry, material types, fonts, and colors. By working closely with their team, we were able to design a clean, user-friendly personalization method that was infinitely expandable while being easy to maintain.

We were able to use Magento as the foundation for the cart. The Magento framework is an incredibly robust e-commerce solution built for expansion. We utilized this structure to implement our product personalization methods, as well as integrate with their internal Quickbooks system for sales, price control, and inventory management.

By designing and developing a personalization web design that matched the cat’s meow style and met their specific needs, Matchbox was able to build an e-commerce presence that enabled Cat’s Meow to quickly grow their business beyond the St. Louis region.