Carr Lane Roemheld



The two parents companies, Carr Lane and Roemheld, have very different aesthetics so our first step of the design process was to confirm with our client which direction we should follow. Roemheld was the answer, so we based our color palette and font choices off of the high-end German manufacturing. As a result, our color palette was a bold fuschia paired with stark black and grays.

We chose Helvetica Neue as our typeface to give a clean, bold designed look to the website. In 100% black it creates a high contrast against the white and fuschia, reflecting Carr Lane Roemheld’s high-quality and intentionally designed products.

With very detailed specifications on every product, one of our biggest goals was to come up with a table structure and product single that gave an organized view of everything. We also worked with our client on the product role to determine what pieces of information were most important to engineers coming to the site.

With these changes in place, their new website was much more user-friendly and easy to navigate than their old website. You can check on Carr Lane Roemheld’s new site here.


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