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Get To Know Keisheia Better

Keisheia Smith’s road to Matchbox Design Group has been an interesting one. She has over 20 years of clerical and administrative experience and completed a work/credit program while she was in high school. The program allotted her a paid internship as a part-time office assistant for one of the schools within the school district she attended. After completing the program, the school was pleased with my dedication and progress so she was offered a full-time job with benefits starting the day after she graduated from high school! From there, she continued to gain knowledge by completing various courses on business management and development. 

Keisheia has worked in many industries from education to healthcare however her focus has always been to do work that feels rewarding. She enjoys helping people and making sure they feel heard. That is how her career shifted to Human Resources & Management within the last 10 years. She truly believes that if your employees are happy and feel heard so will your customers/clients. She enjoys helping companies reach their goal of excellence by providing the best level of support that she can.  

In 2016 Keisheia relocated to St. Louis to be with her family and further her career and she believes that was one of the best decisions of her life. Since doing so, she has come in contact with many like-minded individuals and has grown tremendously both professionally and personally.

Keisheia is a part of our management team. Her typical day involves making sure the business is running smoothly by replying to client calls and emails, ensuring the team has what they need to be successful that day, ensuring all of our external and internal accounts are in good standing, handling any employee relations issues that may arise, and finding as many opportunities she can to make bad puns throughout the day.

“I love the culture of Matchbox. From my initial interview, I knew this was the place for me! The vibe is laid back but everyone does their fair share to make everyday a success. There is a true collaborative spirit here at Matchbox. Everyone is valued as a person and not looked at as just a number. You matter, your ideas matter, but most of all your happiness matters. It feels like a dream to get paid to do something you enjoy each day!”

– Keisheia Smith
Keisheia posing in front of a historical building in Japan

five Questions with Keisheia Smith.

  1. Describe Yourself In 3 Words

    “Driven, Dependable, Goofy”

  2. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

    “I love to travel, decorate, and cook.”

  3. Do You Have Any Special Talents?

    “I’m not sure they are talents but I  am good at putting things together such as fashion, decorating, and cooking.”

  4. What’s The Coolest Place You’ve Ever Visited?

    “So far I would have to say it is The Byodo-In Temple replica which is located at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains in O’ahu Hawaii.”

  5. What's Something Awesome About You That No One Else Knows?

    “I often dream about things before they happen in real life.”