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Continuing to Build the Saint Louis University Hospital Network

Saint Louis University Hospital It’s been a busy 2013 for Matchbox and Saint Louis University Hospital! Just last week we launched another website – SLU Transplant went live on December 20, making it our fifth SLU Hospital site this year. SLU came to Matchbox to begin the process of creating new sites, and redesigning existing ones – in order to create continuity, while finding the right balance of individualized departments. We’ve had the opportunity to work with SLU on several exciting sites, and Transplant was no exception.

Saint Louis University Hospital Engagement

Creating an effective, engaging site requires us to fully understand our clients.  We made it our mission to work firsthand with SLU’s marketing team to capture the true essence of the Transplant department while maintaining the overall look and feel we have created for their network of sites. We created a responsive website which allowed SLU to generate larger amounts of traffic due to the increasing numbers using mobile as their main source for web use.

In addition to the Abdominal Transplant site, we recently updated the SLU Cardiology website to be fully responsive and redesigned MidAmerica Stroke Network. SLU Hospital’s team was recently recognized for efforts in delivering care that’s consistent with the American Heart Association’s most up-to-date scientific guidelines for the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke. They are the only hospital in Missouri and Illinois to receive the distinctive Triple Gold Performance Achievement Award – and we made it our mission to create a site that exuded that same caliber of excellence. The overarching goal of MidAmerica Stroke was to showcase their expertise as the leading hospital for heart attacks and stroke – while creating a design that was inviting and trusting – with specific development features that included calls to action and streamlined navigation.

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