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Over the summer, Lasco Foods Inc’s marketing representative, Liz Oeltjen approached us with a plan to market their drink mixes to the masses. They had previously only been used in bars in the St. Louis area, but Lasco wanted the brand Nina’s to join other mixes on grocery store shelves across the nation. But they had a problem. Distributors wanted to see their website and they didn’t have one. Nina’s brand had been created years ago and it was time for an updated look to entice a new market.

Nina’s Cocktails Branding

That’s where we came in. Liz told us the story behind Nina’s: one of Lasco Food Inc’s CEOs, Peter, had branded the product with a 1960’s photo of his beautiful wife, Nina, who would become the mysterious and fun-loving character associated with Nina’s Mixes. The bottles followed a tropical paradise and treasure map theme that was meant to speak to Nina’s natural beauty and free-spirit, but we quickly realized that we would need to find a way to bring Nina to more modern time.

While developing the look of the website, I realized that we could draw from the past branding, while still developing a look for Nina that was cleaner and contemporary. Nina’s characterization drew me naturally to the idea of sirens, of the sea and sky. From there, we created the sexy, mysterious temperament of Nina. The rest of the site quickly followed, with a clean, inviting, bright look. With Liz lending her voice to Nina and through the exciting atmosphere of the site, it becomes more personable than other liquor sites…as if Nina herself were welcoming you in.

And now, we’re proud to announce that Nina’s cocktails are live with new branding! You can check it out here:

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