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As part of our ongoing social media development on the Energizer® Facebook Page Matchbox developed an on-page application to compliment the new Kids Take Charge YouTube campaign. It may not be immediately apparent but we have incorporated a few special features we’re proud of beyond just integrating YouTube videos.

If visitors scroll towards the bottom of the page they will find the set of colorful illustration pictured below…


The Kids Take Charge Facebook App

In order to encourage more interaction and make the tab more engaging we incorporated the question “What mood are you in today because of your kids?”

To develop this piece we enlisted the services of accomplished illustrator Jeff Weigel to develop these custom images.  When a visitor selects their mood a custom developed share feature publishes the predefined image with a custom message if desired to their Facebook “News Feed.”


Integrating this onto a fan page is a feature we’re proud to have developed and we hope to use it a lot more.  The ability to connect a Facebook page to a users wall in this manner is just another step forward in our Facebook Development that we can offer clients.

Above and beyond these user-centered features we are currently integrating Google Analytics into our Facebook tabs.  This will give our clients a way to measure the impact and interactions within Facebook beyond the fairly robust, although mostly aggregated Facebook Insights.  The lack of specific data on custom developed Facebook tabs has always presented a challenge for marketers.  This is at odds with the advantage in the form of extremely rich data that many other online marketing efforts have previously enjoyed.

This tab is just a small part of our expanded Facebook development, we will be rolling out much more in the very near future.  Beyond what is currently on the table we look forward to overcoming challenges and addressing opportunities as the future of social media points to continued growth and a larger share of importance in online users overall experience.

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