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Hastings + Chivetta Architects has a nationally recognized reputation. They hold numerous industry awards, have completed projects in almost all 50 states, and were, quite frankly, inspirational to work with. With such a reputation at hand, we had a very high standard to meet on their website and our goal was to exceeded expectations.

Hastings + Chivetta Website

Hastings + Chivetta’s original website was clean and meticulously organized in a grid structure. They provided us with a strong existing site foundation. We brought a new vision to their project and gave them a final product that showcases and compliments their beautiful buildings. We worked together throughout the entire process and they provided amazing attention to detail. When we started the project, our goal was to provide a clear and simple way to update their website VIA the WordPress platform. We also created a new organization system and layouts that strengthen and modernize their web presence.

When we began the design process, we knew that their site needed to concentrate primarily on their portfolio. The firm has over 40 years of professional experience and their previous site wasn’t able to properly display this breadth. Under the new “Experience” tab, you can navigate through projects by client, type, service, or location on a map. This will allow viewers to find exactly what they are looking for or to have unlimited browsing capability.

The map feature was a unique way to organize Hastings + Chivetta’s portfolio, but also one of our biggest challenges to efficiently pull all of the data. Our developers worked with a system called MapBox and also created a customized geocoding feature that places the pins in the correct location based on address. It differentiates their portfolio website from competitors and it is really amazing to see over 200 project pins in place, quite an impressive display!

The revised site is now live! It is fun to browse their portfolio or click on pins on the map. Have you seen any of these buildings in person? Click here to see it in person!


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