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Fathers’ Support Center St. Louis

Fathers' Support Center St. Louis

UPDATE: With the great work of one of our designers, Sarah, Matchbox Design Group helped contribute to Fathers Support Center raising over $60,000 at their Annual Dinner, “A Toast to Fathers”.  This amount is double of what was raised in 2011.  With the money raised, Fathers Support Center will be able to assist nearly 9,000 fathers in becoming constant figures in their children’s lives.  Our team was incredibly happy to help a great St. Louis organization and we hope that their continued growth will lead to healthier, happier families.

Until next time! – Maida

Fathers’ Support Center St. Louis Invitation Design

Originally posted April 4, 2012 – We were recently asked to create an invitation for the Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis. They have an annual dinner to help raise funds to continue their mission.

What is their mission? Fathers’ Support Center works to foster healthy relationships by strengthening families and communities. They provide a variety of activities and support programs for families. These programs help parents develop skills that will foster the well being and responsibility of their children and create a healthy family environment: financially, emotionally and spiritually.

We were given a copy of their invitation from last year and the creative freedom to redesign it for this year’s dinner. We decided to take two approaches:

For both approaches, I used a two column grid to better organize the info in the space and created a linear pattern to give the invitation more texture/interest.

Last year’s invitation featured two wine glasses mid-toast, celebrating the strength of fathers and their support for their families. I continued the theme of toasting fathers, but recreated it using a series of hand-illustrated wine glasses. I illustrated a second background for this version of the invitation, which included champagne bubbles in yellow-gold.

I also created a new option, one that focuses on the mission of the Fathers’ Support Center, rather than on the dinner itself. In place of the wine-glass illustration, I created an illustration of a father’s hand holding his child’s hand, showing the support and togetherness that Fathers’ Support Center aims to foster in families. I carried over the yellow-gold color from the first version to encompass the illustration and symbolize the rising sun, a metaphor for hope.

It was incredibly gratifying to have the chance to promote Fathers’ Support Center and their mission to create healthy family environments for children and parents in the St. Louis area. Here’s hoping they receive lots of support at their annual dinner this year to continue their mission!

Learn More About The Center Here

Signing off until next time! – The Matchbox Intern