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Ecommerce Trends In 2018

Ecommerce keeps growing and becoming more and more popular. In 2018 many Ecommerce trends have arisen.

We are currently in a period of change in the way customers shop. Due to this, it’s fundamental for companies to embrace new technologies and pay attention to new trends in order to succeed in this fierce market.

Some Of The 2018 Ecommerce Trends In 2018 Are:

#1. Personalized Experiences

Shopping is not just about the purchase of an item anymore. Now shopping is considered an experience, and companies must create emotions through personalized experiences. This must be one of the first things you implement into your online shopping and in-store shopping.

Brands must provide a unique and special experience that differentiates them from the others. Being perceived differently from other competitors might be difficult for Ecommerce since there are no differentiating factors, such as in person customer service, or the smell of the store, for example.

Although, these factor might not influence customers with which Ecommerce brands they choose, there may be other factors brands can use to add value to the shopping experience. Factors such as having a user-friendly platform, different payment options available, or an easy express checkout. There is also the possibility of using social networks to login, provide assistance through a chatbot, or providing tracking and order confirmations through SMS texts..

The Possibilities are endless. Companies must be creative and innovative to attract new customers. They can always mix online and offline purchase experience by inviting online shoppers to a unique experience in-store. Customers should be able to create memories around these experiences.

#2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one huge trend for 2018 when it comes to Ecommerce.

It is an incredible tool for customers since they can experience the product even before they purchase it. It helps customers to shape the idea of the product, and how it fits in their lives.

This technology is ideal for furniture stores, since they will give customers a visual concept of how the furniture will look like in their homes. It is quite simple to use, since users just have to download an app and use the camera of a smartphone.

#3. Dash Buttons

Dash buttons are devices with a wifi connection. These devices allow Amazon prime users to restore products with a simple click. Users simply have to press the button to order the product.

These innovative tech devices are usually specific to the product they represent. The product will be automatically purchased just by pressing the button, without having to use a computer or a smartphone to do it.

#4. Fewer Clicks

Indeed, the main advantage of Dash Buttons is the simplicity of them. This a general trend, Ecommerce must make things easier for their customers and one of them is to reduce the number of clicks needed to make a purchase.

There is an inverse proportion between the number of clicks and the sales rates. More clicks translates to a loss in sales.

Customers that frequent Ecommerce are looking for simple and comfortable shopping experiences, this is why they choose to shop from their home instead of going to the store. Therefore, companies must keep it as simple and intuitive as possible.

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#5. Smartphone Check-Out

The amount of users who use their smartphone to shop keeps growing. Actually, smartphones are going to radically change the way customers shop in 2018.

Millennials have a significant role in this new way of purchasing and consumption.

Millennials are known to be very impatient, they seek immediacy in their shopping experiences, and the smartphone is the best device to achieve that.

The smartphone enables users to order products, and to track them. These advantages are highly-valued among young customers. Actually, companies such as Starbucks and Amazon go already use smartphone check out.

#6.Voice Is Everything

One of the biggest challenges marketers and Ecommerce stores have to face this year is Voice SEO.

More and more users use voice assistants to order products. Alexa, for instance, is one of the most popular digital assistants used to buy any kind of product.

This means, marketers must find a way to get the first positions through keywords for customers who have never visited their website.

#7. A Great Customer Service Experience

Online shopping has several advantages for both suppliers and customers, but there is also a main disadvantage. This disadvantage is the lack of direct contact between the customer and the brand.

Indeed, retail has evolved thanks to the internet, although many people consider the lack of personal interaction between brands and customers as a shortfall.

Therefore it is fundamental that the company provides phone service to clients for those situations in which the client has a problem or a question. Customer service over the telephone is the most direct contact an online shop can have with their customers.

The best Ecommerce phone system is a WebRTC virtual phone number, which allows brands to provide numbers from different countries and receive national and international calls on a computer.

Without a doubt, 2018, is a year full of new online shopping trends. Companies must embrace these trends in order to succeed in the market, and continue to be competitive online.

This is a Guest Blog Post written by Emma Smith.

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