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While everyone’s trying to hit the high notes in Macklemore’s “Downtown,” you can download your own version of Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. Just in time for St. Louis Design Week, we designed our building for a free digital desktop download. What better digital download could we offer here at Matchbox Design Group for design week? We couldn’t think of one much better than our own street and our own building. Especially since we are going to be giving tours of our building for this years 2015 design week that we are gearing up for right now.

Digital Desktop Download

This bright and fun stretch of the street houses the Matchbox Design Group office. The office might actually remind you of an episode of the Simpsons and we will never tell, but some of the motivation might have come from the show. You will have to figure out which part though. If one of you are planning on visiting our Matchbox Design Group studio space for design week, we have our address and the times you can stop buy down below. If you would rather dance your way through the rest of the day listening to Macklemore, well we have a Macklemore video up above for you to take care of that too. If you are going to do the second part, can you please take some sort of recording of that and get it onto a form of social media that we all have access to.

Digital Desktop Download

It’s our piece of of the pie at 1518 Washington Avenue.
See it for yourself on Sept. 21 during our Open Studio Tour with St. Louis Design Week.
3-5 p.m.
Free beer, local meats and handshakes from our team.
RSVP here. 

Come check us out and enjoy the downtown downloads long after the free beer buzz from our open house wears off.

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