4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Website And Branding Photos

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Website And Branding Photos

As the world of advertising and branding has shifted completely in the digital age, we have seen the urge for every type of consumer business to create high quality, branded photos for websites and social media platforms. Hire a professional photographer if you want the job done right. Branding photos are crucial to every type… Read More

Should I Use Professional Or Stock Images On My Site?

Matchbox Design Group had professional pictures taken for their website as they are more personal than stock photos. Make a decision Professional Or Stock Images?

None of us want to admit it. Not your postal worker, not the cook at your local restaurant and not those of us in Design and Marketing. But, the truth is appearance is everything. We are always asking should I use professional or stock images on my website? The answer can be tricky, you can… Read More

3 Simple Tips To A Professional Headshot

Learn More About Professional Headshots from our resident photographer Colby

Congratulations! You got a new job, a promotion, a new haircut, need a new pic for LinkedIn, or maybe a new shirt that just so happens to perfectly reflect your personality and project the exact level of professionalism you want. The point is: you need a new professional headshot. Your first thought is: “My new… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Employee: Meet Colby Craig

Colby Craig

We are lucky enough to have a new member join our growing Matchbox Design Group team – Colby Craig! As our new Account Manager, Colby will help us continue to keep the clients happy and go above and beyond to deliver an extra level of awesome client service. Aside from growing our accounts, Colby also… Read More