6 Steps To Simple Social Media Moderation

Every company needs simple social media moderation

Social media managers guide and shape conversations in online communities. Keeping the conversations intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful can be a full-time job. Keeping debates from becoming heated and denigrating into disorganized rants and insults takes skill and finesse. The World Editor’s Forum recommends the following six suggestions for simple social media moderation. Publish A Guide… Read More

3 Tips On How To Convert More Sales From Facebook Ads

3 tips on how to convert more sales from Facebook ads. This social Media robot is here to help.

Have you ever wondered how to catch people’s attention or how to convert more sales from Facebook ads? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Learning how to achieve actual conversions with Facebook ads can be a bit tricky. There are hundreds to thousands of various Facebook ad “gurus” who claim… Read More

A Brand New Concept For Advertising In Social Media In 2020

Advertising in social media to catch attention of young people.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have always been an epicenter of community engagement and lead generation. With 2020 underway, advertising in social media is poised to become even more prominent in the eyes of businesses looking for ways to expand their reach and innovate in terms of advertisement. According to… Read More

How Facebook User Comments Can Benefit Your eCommerce Website

How Facebook User Comments Can Benefit Your eCommerce Website

You have many different ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce website and it can be a challenge to try and find the avenues that work best for you. Rules and trends seem to be constantly changing with the best ways to develop a customer base online, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the… Read More

6 Challenges To The Relationships With Customers You Need To Win In Business

Customer services is one of the challenges to the relationship with customers.

As a business owner, your success depends on your relationship with customers. It is more crucial to your business growth in comparison with results, as it makes a business a brand. In today’s world, communication is overloaded with several misleading messages, and we value the number of people we know physically and virtually. Relationships are… Read More

Overcoming Security Challenges In Social Media Marketing

Overcoming Security Challenges In Social Media Marketing

The hyperconnectivity that social media provides is the reason why marketing on social networks is a must for brands of all sizes. But once scammers and hackers get involved, what was once a golden marketing opportunity becomes a grave threat to an organization. From phishing scams to hijacking accounts and tarnishing a brand’s reputation, social… Read More

A Guide to Social Media Brand Protection

This is a guide to social media brand protection that Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis is sharing.

In today’s modern, global economy there are more and more marketing methods being invented every year. The one that is all the rage these days and will stick for a long time is influencer marketing. Social media platforms offer a vast area for both the consumer and brand alike. Gone are the days when products… Read More

Social Media Features for eCommerce in 2019

Learn new tricks for Social eCommerce selling that will be big in 2019

If you run an eCommerce business, we’re sure you’re well aware of the important role social media plays in online shopping. With the influence social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have on millennial shoppers, it’s not a surprise that 74 percent of consumers make buying decisions based on social media content. As social… Read More