Mobile Checkout Practices You Should Spot In 2021

Mobile Checkout Practices You Should Spot In 2021

As of 2020, almost 50 percent of web traffic in the United States originated from mobile devices. In view of the last world changes, reaching new clients via mobile will go on. Customers will search, choose, and checkout. And, of course, we all know mobile users expect the checkout flow to be fast, easy, and… Read More

How Free Mobile Apps For Marketers Can Ease Your Pain

How Free Mobile Apps For Marketers Can Ease Your Pain

Mobile shopping is growing an unprecedented phase. Meaning that marketers would have to keep on the competitive edge. Keeping up not only means plugging a CSS to make responsive landing pages. It also means having advertisements that are mobile-friendly, developing mobile apps, and making dashboard accessible from mobile devices. We are going to discuss some… Read More

Mobile Phones And Ecommerce: Improved And Simplified Online Shopping Experience

Mobile payment

Mobile phones have become the devices that we’ve grown to love. They’re there when we wake up, there to keep us occupied during lunch breaks, and also to keep us connected. So it’s no wonder that we’ve decided to take advantage of them even more and make them an essential part of our online shopping… Read More

Why You Should Implement Mobile Payments

Mobile payments make small businesses more accessible.

The 21st century started with a lot of technological innovations. Businesses that want to grow have to keep up with the recent trends. One of them is mobile payments. The days of carrying cash around are over as customers can pay for purchases through several other means. People can now make transactions with their mobile… Read More

How To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Man is using his phone to check his email after creating an optimized mobile email marketing campaign.

If you consider email marketing to be an outdated digital strategy, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a huge number of companies are applying this strategy and reaping the benefits of such a huge market opportunity. The reason why many people consider email marketing to be ineffective and irrelevant is that probably they aren’t… Read More

Here’s Why You Should Be Paying More Attention to Mobile SEO

Internet users no longer means someone sitting behind a desktop, mobile is much more important.

There’s no going around it — if you want a worthwhile online presence, you need good SEO. You should be paying more attention to mobile SEO and here’s why. To do SEO properly, it’s a necessity to keep tabs on the latest trends in people’s online behavior — the words they’re searching for, the kind… Read More