Killer Content Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

Woman realizing she needs a killer content strategy for affiliate marketing

Affiliate opportunities are everywhere, but a great content strategy requires more than simply signing up and adding links to your site or blog. Almost every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that their numbers increased dramatically when they started to use informative, entertaining content to capture and keep visitors’ attention. Here are a few proven… Read More

5 Great Tips To Grow Your eCommerce Store With Content Marketing

Learn how to grow you eCommerce store using content marketing.

When eCommerce business leaders think about effective ways to boost sales and get their brand noticed in a sea of similar online stores, content marketing tends to be one of the last solutions they bring to the table. Why? Partly because of the lack of information pertaining to the benefits of content marketing for the… Read More

How To Identify Your Audience And Adapt Your Writing Style

How To Identify Your Audience And Adapt Your Writing Style

Imagine you’re writing a letter to your grandmother to tell her about your first week at university. What details and stories might you include? What might you leave out? Now imagine you’re writing a text about the same thing to your best friend. Unless you have a really cool grandmother whom you’re extremely close with, chances are the style of writing and details contained in the two would be quite different.