Software Outsourcing, Digital Agencies, And COVID-19: How Remote Teams Have Become More Productive?

Remote Teams Have Become More Productive. Remote worker on her computer.

It seems that it took just one moment for the whole world to turn upside down. No one was ready to make such drastic changes which, in normal circumstances, would take weeks, even months to implement. But, with all of the changes, we will talk about how remote teams have become more productive. Businesses around… Read More

Tips On Building Rapport In Remote Working Teams

Young man with tablet working remotely from a beach.

Remote work is here to stay. Those that already work remotely some of the time expect to work remotely more in the coming years. Those that aren’t working remotely yet expect to work  remotely in the near future; Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work survey found that 99% of survey respondents “said they would like… Read More

My Key Takeaways From The Collision Conference 2019

Collision Conference 2019

This May I had the unique opportunity to attend The Collision Conference in Toronto, ON. It’s one of the fastest growing tech conferences in the world! I was blown away by the diverse range of influencers, startups, digital professionals, networking people, CEOs of prominent global tech companies and even a few celebrities such as Timbaland… Read More

Tips For Working Remotely Or Running A Business Outside Of The Office

Working Remotely. Tips and concerns.

The American workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially in the tech and marketing sectors. Earlier this year, it was reported 3. 9 million workers, including freelancers, working remotely or from home at least half of the week. Projections suggest this number will continue to rise over the next decade. It’s clear, now… Read More