Redoing the Matchbox Design Group Website: Part 1

Matchbox Design Group Website Redo

Why It Can Take Multiple Years to Complete Your Website Since we re-designed our website, people often ask us if we did it in honor of our 10-year anniversary. That could be a good reason, we suppose. But what most people don’t realize is that we have been working on re-designing our company’s website for the… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Employee: Meet Colby Craig

Colby Craig

We are lucky enough to have a new member join our growing Matchbox Design Group team – Colby Craig! As our new Account Manager, Colby will help us continue to keep the clients happy and go above and beyond to deliver an extra level of awesome client service. Aside from growing our accounts, Colby also… Read More

Meds and Food for Kids: A Website Redesign and Development Project Case Study

Read this case study. Website Redesign Project for Meds and Food for Kids done by Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis, Mo

Meds and Food for Kids or MFK is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of Haiti’s malnourished children and other nutritionally vulnerable people. Did you know? 1 out of 5 children in Haiti are malnourished. 1 in 14 will die before reaching the age of five. These are some of the grim facts… Read More

Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist

Our Culture - St. Louis Marketing FIrm

Award-winning marketing agency amps up its digital offerings This press release originally appeared on the, the online version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  In an effort to expand their agency and service offerings, Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist James McMinn. This hiring move also increased the agency’s staff to eight full-time employees…. Read More

Celebrating 10 Years in Business: Part 1

10 Years in Business

It All Started When We Bought the Wrong Domain Like any great story of our time, there may have been a few beers involved. Thankfully was never purchased―and we never looked back. Since that serendipitous day in 2006, Matchbox Design Group has been igniting innovative ideas and building St. Louis brands. After all, design… Read More

Recent Blog Posts: WordPress, Twitter and Wallpapers

The New Wordpress Release is Version 4.4.2 and the Security Updates

We had a record number of three blog posts last week! Which means that there must have been a lot going on in the world to blog about. And there was: WordPress security releases, Twitter changes and more. Read these recent blog posts. Our two co-founders stepped up to the blogging plate and we revealed… Read More

WordPress Releases Version 4.4.2

The New Wordpress Release is Version 4.4.2 and the Security Updates

Today, the new WordPress release, version 4.4.2 is finally here. The release is both a security update for all previous versions of WordPress and a maintenance release for sites running 4.4 and newer. Since the announcement this morning, we have started the process to update all of our client’s websites to the latest version. If… Read More

Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing Trends for 2016

Our Employees Take On Marketing Trends for 2016 Content “I’m most excited about “content quality trend,” which is nothing new, but it’s gaining more momentum as Google’s algorithm updates continue to reward content that’s valuable to the readers.” -Katie, Director of Content Strategy, Matchbox Design Group

January Download: Free Penguin Wallpaper

Free Penguin Wallpaper

Penguin Wallpaper for Your Desktop This January, instead of making failed resolutions and counting all the cheese calories you ate in December, relax. Not only do you deserve it, but you also deserve to download adorable, whimsical penguins gliding down a snowy hill in this month’s desktop download. (aka Free Penguin Wallpaper!) Seriously, is that… Read More

Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Trends from Google

Cyber Monday

A few weeks ago, our Project Manager, Emily, blogged about the importance of Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and what you need to know about it. The main takeaway was that consumers will make decisions in the moment–and on their smartphones. And during this holiday shopping season, it’s more important than ever to capture these consumers… Read More