The Instagram Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Instagram update that might have changed the game.

Article Updated 08/23/18 The latest Instagram update pushed out version 7.15 of their iOS and Android app yesterday, and it came with an update that all of us marketers have been desperately waiting for–and it’s not the perfect filter that makes you look super fly. You can finally, FINALLY switch accounts on one app. Instagram… Read More

Marketing a Murderer: The Genius Timing of Making a Murderer

“Have you seen Making a Murderer on Netflix?” When we all returned to the office from the holiday break last week, that was the first question everyone asked each other. Nevermind the polite “how-was-your-holiday” chitchat, we all wanted to know the truth: Did you or did you not watch all 10 episodes of Making a… Read More

Spooktacular Free Halloween Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Halloween wallpapers

From our new dancing mummy mascot to our passionate conversations about the timeless classic, Hocus Pocus and yes we have a Hocus Pocus Wallpaper, it’s fair to say we get just a little excited about Halloween around the Matchbox office. What better way to get in the spirit than with these super spooky, super adorable… Read More

Our Favorite Beer Label Designs

Our favorite beer label designs here at Matchbox Design Group.

Happy International Beer Day everyone! This is an important day for us at Matchbox. We take beer drinking pretty seriously. Our owners, Cullen and Brent are even developing an app and website dedicated to finding the best craft beers in the world (coming soon). So we want to celebrate by showcasing our favorite beer label… Read More

Zero Moment of Truth: The Marketing Philosophy You Should Know Now

Google Zero Moment of Truth

The Five Stage Decision-Making Process – Zero Moment of Truth When a consumer purchases anything, most marketers believe they go through a five stage decision-making process: problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and lastly, post-purchase evaluation. Today, a high number of consumers go through all of these stages online. Google calls this Zero Moment… Read More