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American Student Supply E-Commerce Website

Parents can purchase all of their children’s’ student supplies from home instead of fighting the crowds at the store. They benefit from the Sales Tax holiday and are then able to spend more time with their family. They can do this from the American Student Supply E-Commerce Website that Matchbox Design Group developed.

Each MyPack® product is customized based upon the teachers’ school supply list. Parents can add locks, USB drives and calculators requested by the teacher as well as donate to the  MyPack® Gives Back Program by rounding the price up to the next whole dollar.

Examples of The American Student Supply E-Commerce Website

American Student Supply E-Commerce Website

MyPack® Online Store/Marketplace

Because each product is custom, shoppers navigate the store by selecting their state, school district, school and grade. This allows them to effortlessly purchase all of their childrens’ school supplies with only a few clicks. Plus, if you have more than one child, once a product has been added the store automatically redirects you back to that specific school district so you can purchase your other childrens’ school supplies.

American Student Supply E-Commerce Website by Matchbox

Webpage Banners

We created homepage banners to express the benefits of using the online school supply store.

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