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Remote working has become a new norm after the pandemic hit the world. Post-Covid, businesses are forced to adapt to the new shift- remote working. In the IT industry, software developers started looking for remote opportunities and planning their schedules accordingly. Remote work has become an attractive option despite the world being in a post-Covid state.

Businesses have also found remote developers as a beneficial option when the pros and cons of hiring remote developers are assessed. When businesses start recruiting remote workers, it’s difficult to evaluate developers without face-to-face contact. But that can also be the highest advantage of working remotely. Additionally, the remote developers are experienced professionals well-versed in technical skills and soft skills. As their experience increases they become well-versed in their trade and as a result their costing also increases. 

So if you are looking for remote developers, you should look for the following skills and qualities. This will ensure a professional approach to your project which benefits your business. Though a procedural approach to hiring remote developers will help you get the best certain skills are very important to focus on to get exceptionally talented developers. Cut to the chase, in this blog, we have discussed 10 important skills that every entrepreneur or decision-maker should take note of to select exceptionally talented remote developers.

10 Skills That The Remote Developers You Hire Should Have

Businesses looking to hire a developer who works remotely should ensure that the developer has these 10 skills which would make those remote developers- the best candidate to hire for your project. Take a deep dive into the list of skills;

Stellar Communication

The ability to write code doesn’t signify that software developers can build excellent apps. Instead, communication plays a vital role when outstanding applications are built with the collaborative efforts of the complete team wherein stellar communication plays a vital role. Remote developers should have strong communication skills so that they can stay involved in app development at every stage. They should be able to seamlessly interact with other project members and key stakeholders.

The remote developers should have experience using communication tools such as Skype, Slack, PMS, or Trello. Also, remote developers must be well-versed in structuring messages in a way that’s easily understandable for people with different proficiency levels. Communication is an essential remote developer skill.

Staying On Top Of Your Schedule

Remote work offers the ability to get the work done from anywhere. But the privilege of working from anywhere doesn’t allow remote developers to stay behind their schedule. Remote developers should have a “get the work done” attitude. They should be able to work according to the deadline and always strive to get all the work completed in time so that with efficient teamwork the project is delivered on time. Timely delivery is the best way to gain the trust of even the toughest business clients.

As a business, you should opt for remote developers who take their job seriously. Be it fixing bugs or building new functionality they should complete the work in time. The developers’ hard-working attitude often reflects in their job. That is what you ought to look for in a remote developer.


One of the most valuable remote developer skills is collaboration. Many times, remote workers often consider themselves independent and do not believe in teamwork. Instead, a remote developer is part of an amazing team working towards achieving a common goal. And every member of the team has a definite role to play in the development project that is working towards achieving a common goal. So, as a part of the team, you should contribute your efforts sincerely.

Further, the hired developer should proactively participate in team discussions. Working ahead collaboratively is vital to be a team player and helps in getting a better product developed.

Welcoming Feedback

A positive attitude in receiving feedback for the work that has been finished and working on improving the aspects is very important for a developer to not only grow professionally but also help build a better rapport with the clients. It’s no exception for remote developers. Taking the criticism constructively and working on them to improve the work will make you trust them better.

Thus, when the developer is open to receiving feedback and using it to improve their performance this makes the software development process to be feedback-friendly and more efficient.

Be Prepared For Video Conferences And Meetings

a video conference for remote work

Remote developers communicate their opinions, issues, and unique solutions remotely using digital solutions. Mostly, the information about meetings is pre-scheduled and determined in advance so that every developer is ready with their point of view. Such video meetings improve productivity.

Sometimes, remote developers are found not available at the defined time slot. They may also have sound or video issues during video conferences due to internet issues. This is not at all appreciable. Plus, when you are ready for the meeting, beware of body language, tone, and other things during the feedback session, which creates a positive impression.

Learn About The Developer’s Professional Goals And Interests

Sometimes discussing professional interests and goals with the developers is a worthwhile approach. Such an approach may help both you and the developer in the long term. For instance, if a developer is currently working on a Flutter project but wishes to work on generative AI integration so when you want to try your hands at the trending technology for your business it could potentially lead to a good opportunity for both.

Being open about their goals and interests can help remote developers secure new opportunities that you might be planning for your business growth. Additionally, when a pre-vetted remote developer you have been working with for some time, and whom you trust now becomes a valuable asset for you and the associated development team.

Quality Of Code

The quality of code is important since it directly affects the performance, functionality, and reliability of the final product. Well-written code ensures that the final product performs optimally, is scalable, and is easy to maintain and update in the future. 

While on the contrary, poorly written code can lead to bugs, security vulnerabilities, and crashes. This can damage the reputation of the client’s business and result in lost revenue and customers. Thus, the good quality of code is directly linked with the reputation and credibility of both- the developer and the client.  

In addition to that good quality code with proper syntax and code structure makes it easy for other developers and reviewers to understand the code which in the long run makes maintenance and support to be quite easy.

Learn Continuously

Technology changes swiftly making inroads for faster technologies with better approaches and methodologies. So when you hire a remote developer you should also take into consideration the adaptability constraint. Such that the remote developers team in this case will as required change the processes and approach according to the changing trends. It requires remote developers to be abreast of new technology and trends.

For instance, when a new technology makes inroads into the market shortly after development starts, no business would ever want to be left behind at this. So, with a revised proposal and changes in rates, the same team of developers can resume work. It further reduces the time required by the business to find a new team and undergo the whole research process again.

Stay Connected With The Community

For remote developers, online communities focused on niche programming languages can serve as virtual peers. So, fellow coders in the community can help when the developed gets stuck. This is especially relevant when the technology is relatively new and there is not much documentation available. Thus, staying connected with a technology-specific community can help developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and upgrades, which in turn can inspire innovative app development. 

Technical Expertise In Relevant Skills

remote web development

Having technical expertise helps a remote developer to produce high-quality work efficiently and effectively. Developers who possess technical expertise in their field can complete tasks more quickly and accurately. This leads to faster project delivery times and increased productivity.

In addition, technical expertise enables developers to solve complex problems by first identifying potential issues. Then they are able to implement solutions that enhance the functionality and user experience of the final product. Thus, weighing the remote developer for hire to know about the core technology expertise is very essential.

Closing Thoughts On the Skills That Make Remote Developers A Valuable Asset

When you are looking for a remote developer for hire ensure that the developer has the necessary technical skills and qualities to meet your project’s requirements. Find remote developers by considering all the above-listed skills. These skills will ascertain that the hired remote developer or the remote developers’ team is professional in their approach with a proper attitude and skilled at completing the project on time. 

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